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Breaking sound barriers, not bank balances

Liquiphonics is a new company ...

... about to create top quality HiFi, without the usually associated massive price tags.

  • The HiFi system now in creating will be born from over 3 decades of audio research and design, much thought and a lot of listening.  A no-compromise design is not promised - all design is a compromise.  But my compromises aim to produce exceptional quality for reasonable sums of money.  You won't be paying for advertising campaigns or engraved, sheet metal facias.  Only sound quality.
  • You will find hand-crafted sound reproduction equipment, built in its entirety by one person, with the love and attention you would expect from someone who is both very happy in their work and with their work.
There are many different opinions about what makes a HiFi system great.  This is mine.

Construction progress is recorded on the Blog...

Computer mock-up of amplifier cabinet design, front and back.

A mock-up of how I envisage the main part of the amp (without the battery pack).
Glass fronted, aluminium knobs, MDF painted high-gloss, Old English White.

About to buy a new HiFi? then consider this ...

... Compact Discs will soon be more dead than vinyl.

Compact Disc Logo.The world of audio technology is about to go through another massive change. Your computer
could be giving you studio quality sound.

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Hand-made, esoteric HiFi for everyday budgets - Breaking sound barriers, not bank balances.
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